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Shop Hemp Muscle & Joint Balm formulated with high-quality hemp and effective essential oils for skin application over muscle and joint areas! 

  • Includes beneficial full-spectrum hemp extract for a synergistic effect.
  • Choose from hemp strengths 200mg, 700mg or 2000mg per balm.
  • Essential oils are added for extra efficacy and botanical aroma.
  • Deeply penetrating the skin.
  • Third-party lab tested.
  • Non-psychoactive.
  • Topical use only.


Directions; Wipe skin area with warm damp towel and dry. Apply a pea size amount of Hemp Muscle & Joint Balm to the target area and massage thoroughly over skin. 


INGREDIENTS: Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Kukui Nut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Arnica, Organic Camphor Essential Oil, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Nutmeg Essential Oil, Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Menthol (Mentha arvensis), Organic Vitamin E, Glyceryl Monocaprylate (vegetable derived skin conditioner) and Glyceryl Monoundecylenate (vegetable derived skin conditioner).

We use Full-spectrum hemp extract, and hemp seed oil sourced from our suppliers who use superior grade, non-GMO & organic farming practices.


More Information On Hemp...

At Massage Cannabyss, we do third party lab testing for potency and purity and guarantee our products are made fresh with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available.

Massage Cannabyss products are applied to the skin by means of topical application. Even though hemp does not entirely enter the blood stream, studies have shown it can penetrate the skin enough to have positive effects on areas and has even shown benefits as a useful topical.

We’ve been producing this high-quality product for years. Today, we have hundreds of satisfied clients who have already experienced the wonders of our hemp muscle and joint cream. 

A third-party lab clinically tests our hemp muscle and joint formula for potency and purity. This means we can guarantee our products’ quality and purity.

What Is Hemp Muscle and Joint Balm Made Of?

Hemp balm is made from the hemp plant. It offers a variety of benefits, including relief on skin over muscles and joints.

Our hemp massage balm is similar to a hemp massage salve, hemp massage gel, hemp massage cream, hemp massage topical, hemp massage rub, hemp massage ointment, or hemp massage butter and is an excellent choice as an effective massage topical due to the wide array of the hemp plant's full-spectrum organic ingredients. Many other hemp topicals on the market also contain hemp that add to the topical's benefits. For instance, some products may contain hemp and arnica but may not contain other beneficial ingredients such as organic essential oils.

What Results to Expect?

Almost everyone who uses hemp balm reports a positive experience. Our hemp muscle balm is just as effective as a hemp muscle salve, hemp muscle gel, hemp muscle cream, hemp muscle topical, hemp muscle rub, hemp muscle ointment or hemp muscle relaxer for soothing muscle relief. However, exact results will depend on the individual and the products you use, how much you apply, and how often you use the hemp balm, hemp salve, hemp gel, hemp cream, hemp topical, hemp rub or hemp ointment?

There are three main types of hemp balms:

  • Hemp seed. Products that are made with Hemp oil that only contain hemp seed oil. They have no other whole plant compounds from the hemp plant.
  • Full-spectrum Hemp. A full-spectrum balm has whole plant extract from the entire plant and including terpenes.
  • Broad-spectrum Hemp. A broad-spectrum product lies somewhere in between. It has many of the full-spectrum hemp benefits but not all of them due to the smaller spectrum of hemp plant compounds found in broad-spectrum.

In addition, if you use a product that has only a small quantity of hemp and a large amount of added ingredients, you may need to use more product to gain similar results. For this reason, we always recommend Massage Cannabyss for the best full-spectrum hemp balm, full spectrum hemp salve, full spectrum hemp gel, full spectrum hemp cream, full spectrum hemp topical, full spectrum hemp rub, full spectrum hemp ointment.













FDA Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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