Welcome to Massage Cannabyss; An abyss of love for all things body and massage! We offer the world's finest hemp infused massage & body products made with nutrient rich hemp botanicals and organic essential oils.

Massage Cannabyss has been inspired by the simplicity of truth; Every person deserves to experience the feeling of being touched by a healing hand like they just stepped out from a world-class spa. Massage Cannabyss is dedicated to creating products that are desired by massage therapists yet are celebrated for use by everyday people. Inspired by massage therapists, tested and proven in spas around the U.S., these products are designed to help people achieve peace of mind and a sense of well-being.

Here at Massage Cannabyss, we take pride in making sure all of our ingredients are of the freshest and most pure form. We use hemp sourced from our suppliers who use superior grade, non-GMO & organic farming practices. All of the essential oils are certified organic, non-GMO or wildcrafted. We do third-party lab testing and certification through our affiliate, Microchem Laboratory and Botanacor to ensure safety and purity. Every product contains hemp of the industrial hemp origin and is federally legal in the United States. Massage Cannabyss products are fresh, certified and guaranteed to make you happy!

Expert's Tips

Apply to target area on the skin a pea-size amount of Hemp Muscle & Joint Balm. Massage with finger tips while working the balm into the skin until the balm has been applied thoroughly. Adding friction to your massage technique will further increase effectiveness of the balm. Feel free to leave the balm on skin as long as possible in order for maximum absorption. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the balm as it works to promote a soothing effect on area.